California Environmental Reporting System

CERS EDT Services (Production)

Chemical Library Query (CLQ)

Allows UPAs to receive the entire contents of the CERS Chemical Library, or a data for a single chemical based upon its CAS Number (CDR Field #209, CAS #) or CERS Chemical Library ID (CDR Field #250, CERS Chemical Library ID; also abbreviated as CCLID).

Endpoint URL

XML Schemas

Output XML Schema (Version 1/08): ChemicalLibraryQuery.xsd

No special URL parameters are required to differentiate between single chemical requests by CAS Number or CCLID. Results will only be returned for valid IDs found in the CERS Chemical Library at

Example Request (Single Chemical by CAS Number): .../Library/Chemicals/1330-20-7

Example Request (Single Chemical by CERS Chemical Library ID): /Library/Chemicals/CCL-100957

Example Request (Entire Violation Library): .../Library/Chemicals

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