California Environmental Reporting System

CERS EDT Services (Production)

Regulator Action Item Query (RAIQ)

Allows UPAs to query for Action Required Items for the specified UPA.

Endpoint URL{RegulatorCode}

XML Schemas

Output XML Schema (Version 1/06): RegulatorActionItemQuery.xsd
EDT implementers could use the data from this endpoint to display within a local data system the title, brief description, and a hyperlink to the processing page in CERS for Action Required items a regulator needs to address in CERS. Because Cal/EPA anticipates introducing a few additional types of Action Required items during later 2013 and 2014, additional typeID values may be introduced in the future (and announced via the EDT Implementers listserv).


* is a required parameter.
Parameter Name Parameter Description

Results are filtered to the CERS Organization name (with a wildcard at the end). All Values must be URL-encoded.



Results are filtered to the Headquarters of a CERS Organization (uses a "contains" search for this field only). Values are typically a city name followed by a state abbreviation, e.g., “San Francisco, CA”. Values must be URL-encoded.



Results are filtered to submittal elements for for a specific facility based upon its 8-digit CERS ID (CDR System Field #1a)



The unique numeric, eight digit Organization Code assigned by CERS to each CERS Organization. Organization Codes always start with a 9, e.g., 92345678



Results are filtered to CERS Organizations created in CERS on or after the selected date. Date must be URL-encoded.



The CERS Regulator Code of the EDT-authorized UPA. Please select AT LEAST one other filter to avoid a large query result set.

?regulatorCode=2700&[at least one other filter]


If a "True" value is set, each returned Organization element will included a Facilities element with basic information about all of the CERS Organization's current facilities.


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