California Environmental Reporting System

CERS EDT Services (Production)

Regulator Facility Create (RFC)

Allows CUPA's with a Tier 5/6 data exchange agreement approved by Cal/EPA to submit to CERS XML data to create a new Facility (and possibly a new Organization) in CERS and receive a new CERSID. The results of the create request are returned as XML formatted data. If applicable, diagnostic information about possible address corrections and possible duplicate Facilities with the submitted address would be returned as well.

Endpoint URL{RegulatorCode}

XML Schemas

Input XML Schema (Version 1/05): RegulatorFacilityCreate.xsd
Output XML Schema (Version 1/05): RegulatorFacilityCreateResponse.xsd

The endpoint is only intended for use by CUPAs implementing local reporting portals when "new" regulated facilities are added via their portal--others CUPAs should manually add facilities using the "Add Facility" functionality in the CERS Business Portal, which implements extensive logic to retain the same CERS ID across successive owners of the same facility and transfer facilities to new CERS Organizations when an ownership occurs. Implementers of this endpoint are responsible for ensuring the following equivalent business practices are implemented in advance of adding a facility via this endpoint:

  • Avoid creating duplicate facilities (CERS ID) for the same facility (address and/or "plot of ground") unless there truly is more than one separately regulated business at the address/location (e.g., cell towers, separately owned car shop auto bays).
  • Associating any facility owned/operated by a multi-facility business already in CERS by providing the business' CERS Organization Code.

Identifying/Handling Duplicate Facilities:

  • Execute this endpoint with the mode attribute on the RegulatorFacilityCreate element set to "Trial" (instead of "Commit"). This will return a return a response package that will include a PotentialDuplicates element listing information about any facility(s) that duplicate the submitted address (or its washed/standardized version).
  • Use the CERS Regulator Portal's Facility Search screen.

This endpoint will reject requests to create a facility address that duplicates the address of an existing CERS facility unless the implementer sets the IgnoreExactDuplicateAddressWarning element (CDR #20.0105) to "True". Implementers are encouraged to provide an explanation of the duplicate facility address in the Comments element. When the IgnoreExactDuplicateAddressWarning flag is set to "true", a notification will be written into CERS indicating the CUPA has added a new facility with an address that duplicates an existing CERS ID. Cal/EPA will be closly monitoring these notifications, and CUPAs that consistently create duplicate facilities will have their Tier 5 EDT services suspended or terminated.

CERS Organization Code:

As part of using this endpoint, the user must either:

  • Provide a CERS OrganizationCode element (CDR #20.0015) with an existing CERS Business/Organization Code, or
  • Provide an OrganizationName element (CDR #20.0016) with the name of the business/organization that owns/operators the facility. If the adjacent OrganizationHeadquarters element (CDR #20.0106) is not provided, then CERS will generate this value based upon the city and state of the facility (e.g., Los Angeles, CA).

  • Implementers can use the Regulator Organization Query endpoint (or equivalent manual search in the Regulator Portal) to look up the Organization Code of the facility‚Äôs business and include it in the Facility Create package.

    CUPAs that consistently create new facilities with this endpoint that should have been associated with an existing CERS Organization will have their Tier 5 EDT services suspended or terminated.

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