California Environmental Reporting System

CERS EDT Services (Production)

Regulator Organization Query (ROQ)

Allows UPA's to query for existing CERS Organizations (Businesses) by name, CERS Organization Code, a selected CERS ID that belongs to the Organization, or new organization created since a specific date. The query also supports providing a listing of basic information for all of the facilities currently associated with the CERS Organization.

Endpoint URL{RegulatorCode}

XML Schemas

Output XML Schema (Version 1/05): RegulatorOrganizationQuery.xsd
CUPAs should use the query (or its manual UI equivalent) in advance of a adding a facility via the Tier 4 Regulator Facility Created endpoint (RFC), especially for facilities belong to a multi-facility/multi-jurisdictional organization/business (e.g., PG&E, AT&T, Verizon, etc.).


* is a required parameter.
Parameter Name Parameter Description
* {CERSUniqueKey}

CERSUniqueKey is a CERS-assigned UUID for various entities in CERS, including document uploads (CDR System Field #20.0074, CERSUniqueKey).

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